Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit now available on ACX audible and Findaway Voices! Thanks to Nartan Rose, Audiobook Producer and Narrator..

When I met Nartan during a recent Thrive huddle with Clare Griffiths, I thought – what a great idea, turning my book into an audio book! I’m actually not a strong reader at all. Completing my law degree felt like reading Japanese upside down and the words on the pages would just float around leaving me to read each paragraph over and over! I write, but I rarely proof read! as I just don’t like reading! unless it’s the paper or something very small. So it made sense to me to make my book accessible to people like me.

So I had a meeting with Nartan and her price was agreeable so we agreed that she would narrate my audio book, and I do love the way she has done it. Her voice is hypnotic and she clearly relayed my message well. I don’t know much about audio books so I was even happier when she started working with me to upload the book to ACX and Findaway Voices, making it available to so many! Honestly I never would have done that. I’ve never been ambitious about its reach, I just wanted it to be available for me to share with those who may need a little text hug.

This book, is to help you make sense of it all. It can be so difficult, when you are in the depths of despair, to think clearly, and when you are paralysed with depression you feel helpless and debilitated. This book is like a warm hug. It is designed to act as your friend when you need a little oxytocin and reassurance that you can make positive changes and feel happy again. It also serves to help you make sense of the smaller day-to-day misunderstandings, insecurities and frustrations. If you have expectations with relationships or if you are not happy at work, finding happiness and freeing your spirit will help you identify your challenges, weaknesses and strengths, and with 20 short tips, will help you on your way.

Find it HERE on ACX – or visit the BOOK page of my blog site!

and here is the audiogram (again, all created by the incredible Nartan!)

You can contact Nartan to help you with your Audiobook or Voiceover needs HERE

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