Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit now available on ACX audible and Findaway Voices! Thanks to Nartan Rose, Audiobook Producer and Narrator..

When I met Nartan during a recent Thrive huddle with Clare Griffiths, I thought – what a great idea, turning my book into an audio book! I’m actually not a strong reader at all. Completing my law degree felt like reading Japanese upside down and the words on the pages would just float around leaving me to read each paragraph over and over! I write, but I rarely proof read! as I just don’t like reading! unless it’s the paper or something very small. So it made sense to me to make my book accessible to people like me.

So I had a meeting with Nartan and her price was agreeable so we agreed that she would narrate my audio book, and I do love the way she has done it. Her voice is hypnotic and she clearly relayed my message well. I don’t know much about audio books so I was even happier when she started working with me to upload the book to ACX and Findaway Voices, making it available to so many! Honestly I never would have done that. I’ve never been ambitious about its reach, I just wanted it to be available for me to share with those who may need a little text hug.

This book, is to help you make sense of it all. It can be so difficult, when you are in the depths of despair, to think clearly, and when you are paralysed with depression you feel helpless and debilitated. This book is like a warm hug. It is designed to act as your friend when you need a little oxytocin and reassurance that you can make positive changes and feel happy again. It also serves to help you make sense of the smaller day-to-day misunderstandings, insecurities and frustrations. If you have expectations with relationships or if you are not happy at work, finding happiness and freeing your spirit will help you identify your challenges, weaknesses and strengths, and with 20 short tips, will help you on your way.

Find it HERE on ACX – or visit the BOOK page of my blog site!

and here is the audiogram (again, all created by the incredible Nartan!)

You can contact Nartan to help you with your Audiobook or Voiceover needs HERE

Masculinity, Equality, Mental Health and Purpose for the 21st Century Man

We live in a Country, where you should feel safe to walk the street at night, where you should not be vulnerable because of your age, sex, race, sexuality or religion, we live in a Country where our basic needs should be not be a lifetime of struggle to achieve, and we live in a Country where I hear all too often, that men do not know where they stand…

Why I am so proud that this event [Find Your Power] is accessible, and how asking for £6 instead of £60 can change a life..

There is no doubt, this event is worth the £60 price tag. Not only do delegates get access to 5 incredible speakers sharing years of combined experience and wisdom, they can choose to attend a number of workshops, from Yoga to Tantra and Bellydance, and they get to speak to a selection of handpicked incredible exhibitors, who are attending to provide a safe space for delegates to talk to them 1-1 throughout the day to learn more about the services they provide and how they can help them. Not only that, parking is free, and three rounds of coffee, tea, snacks, and buffet lunch are included! It is a deluxe day, designed not for profit, to simply serve love and light.

A personal update

It has been four years since I started sharing my mind with you all, and I thank you for following with interest. The book that inspired this blog, is currently being narrated as an audio book, and, I am now offering to work with clients on a one to one basis as a confidante. So here is my updated introduction, and I look forward to speaking with you, if you would like a safe space to share your private matters in confidence. Jules x

C19 – Find Your Power!

When we are faced with adversity, we can let it ruin us, or we can sit with it, sail the stormy rivers, and look forward to dry land..

Webinar this Thursday. Jules & Joe. Discussing how to thrive despite obstacles.

On Thursday Joe and I will be holding a webinar to discuss some matters close to our hearts. We have called it ‘Thriving despite obstacles’ although I confess I wanted to call it ‘Don’t be an a**hole’. Joe is clearly a good influence on me!

We will discuss:
Black Lives Matter and George Floyd – the emotions that surface and what needs to change
Single Parents – taking positive action and why it matters (bigger issues)
Humanity – and how lack of is the core of where we need to focus our attention and education – TV Entertainment
Abuse – walking in fear, healing and education
Homophobia – lack of humanity, walking in fear, healing and education
Exclusion groups and safe space amongst peers

‘Flexible Working isn’t an option.’ That’s what my employer confirmed during my maternity. I had to choose, my career or my daughter? I chose my daughter, and paid the price.

When I say I paid the price I want to be clear from the off, I do not and never have regretted choosing my daughter.  Every cuddle, … Continue reading ‘Flexible Working isn’t an option.’ That’s what my employer confirmed during my maternity. I had to choose, my career or my daughter? I chose my daughter, and paid the price.

Employees are Vulnerable. It’s time to step up.

Why are half of the UK living in relative poverty? Why have wages not increased with inflation? Why are employers putting profits before people. Why are Parliament putting Property before People? Why do employers wait for leadership and profit at the expense of their employees. Why, why, why.

Housing Crisis & Shelter

With connection comes greater understanding and raised awareness of how we can help to build a better society, it is not a selfless act, building a happier society where people are not living in desperate situations rubs off on everybody, including the people you love. It just needs a few leaders, a few game-changers, a few people in power with the ability to make small life altering changes to what is perceived to be normal.

Friendship, Love and Giving

There are several affirmations that people are not ignoring you – they are busy and that you should get busy too, and whilst they mean well, and come from a place of some truth, it was one of the most offensive ways of trying to help people who are feeling ignored, lonely, and that their friends and family are failing them. There is a truth to people being busy, but I would prefer to use the term ‘distracted’…

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