The Chancellor, The Cost of Living Crisis, Benefits and Bias..

My tongue in cheek pic following Rishi’s Proud Moment Pose!

I was pretty furious after the Chancellor’s Spring Statement last month, and it turns out I am not alone! I had a little rant, embedded below, but little did I realise how much news coverage this statement, and our leaders complete disconnection to what it is to survive in the real world of income v cost of living, would get.

In this short 12 minute VT I talk about the fact that people have been struggling for a long time, that the cost of living far outweighs income and this current crisis really is just the icing on the cake, and it has never been more apparent how judged we are by our out of touch Government.

I talk about prepaid electricity meters (and the pure inhumanity of them) Council Tax Bailiffs (and the pure inhumanity of that process), paying childcare upfront, how the Chancellor makes it clear he thinks Universal Credit and Benefits = work shy. How they do not understand genuine barriers, and how they blame you for being destitute, hungry, evicted, suicidal.

This is not the leadership we need.

Thank goodness for Martin Lewis, who is fighting this so hard for us. He is not funded to address this for us, he is fighting because he gets it, he is high profile, he is connected to us, and he realises that our Government are not connected to us at all, and he knows if anybody will have an impact, it’s him. That’s a lot of pressure and effort for somebody who could retire, and I respect that.

Martin is doing a one hour special tomorrow night on the cost of living crisis – let’s help him help us by watching, engaging, and showing the government that we’ve trusted them with our taxes for years, and they are misappropriating these funds.

*Note, despite being a single mum I am a tax payer and do not need support anymore, this is because of a combination of flexible working and responsible business finance not judged on previous hardship, but I should have never needed support in the first place; I did not need upskilling, or cooking classes; the raw pain of first hand experience will never leave me, and I will not leave it for others to suffer in silence.

Here’s the thing. I was an estate agent, rent is not regulated, and not in sync with wage inflation we charged what we could get away with, and they still do, I am sorry I was party to this, and that is why I must try to undo the monumental damage that this continues to cause.

We live under the cloud of privilege, tax evasion at the highest level, ignorance, unqualified and inexperienced ideologies. Capitalism v Humanity.

There is so much to say but we all have to say it. Our collective voices cannot be ignored forever, we talk with our feet right!

All that I do is not to cause harm or anger, it is to try and help; it does not matter if my voice is small, what matters is that I try to use it for good. Regardless of what is wrong out there, we all have the immense power, every day, to offer a kind word, a kind gesture, a droplet of love in a stinky ocean. When things go wrong don’t go wrong with them.

Jules x

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