I’m Jules

Director of KIH Products and Founder of the Single Mums Business Network.  Multi-Award-Winning Business Woman and Visionary.  Also co-organiser of Find Your Power Event 2021 and Author of Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit

Following years of depression and feeling lost as a human being, I began my healing journey in my mid thirties. I healed my own depression and completely turned my life around, to the point that I did not, and do not feel that I can be any happier. I have mastered professional, personal, sexual, financial and physical wellbeing. My wealth is in my perspective and gratitude.

I published Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit to Amazon in 2016, to help others help themselves move forward in a positive way. It is a very light read which consists of ’20 tips to help you on your way’.

This book is now available as an audio download as well as in print and digital. I also act as a confidante for anybody wishing to have one to one consultations vis zoom. You can listen to the introduction here:

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