‘Breaking out of Benefits Jail’ Book Release. Offering advice on Work, Enterprise and Wellbeing, whilst raising awareness of Barriers to Work, Homes and Finance. And the cost to life of inaction.

I have blogged now for several years, talking about our many man-made issues, that create ill health, poor mental health, tragic loss of life, and always trying to raise awareness of so many of these problems could be so easily fixed, with action, I would say with Governance, but we have to take responsibility as we have a lot of regulation, that isn’t properly governed. We have legislation that makes us behave badly as we use it as a shield instead of doing better. Minimum wage, terms and conditions, credit scoring. If the computer says no, or yes, we have lost our minds to be human, and treat our supply chain and end users the way we like to be treated. We do what we can get away with, instead of what we should. If we keep waiting to be properly governed, instead of governing ourselves, more people will suffer.

I appreciate all of you for following my blog over the years, and my attention moved to blogging mainly about Single Mums Business (lots of signposting for Single Dad groups) for the last couple of years, but all with the same undercurrent. All to raise awareness of inaction, and the cost to the economy, and our lives.

I have now published ‘Breaking out of Benefits Jail’ ‘Single Mum and 21st Peasant’ that is available from Amazon or at a slightly lesser cost via my main SMBN website here

I would appreciate if you could buy a copy, and maybe two, if you could drop one in to your local MP, Job Centre, HNW neighbour, CEO, or friend who is struggling to make work work.

As I post this I grieve, for my Dad, and I dedicate this book to him, as he has paid the ultimate price for inaction. I’m sorry I couldn’t make things better sooner Dad. The nausea is acute.

And that is me signing out for 2022. Here’s to breaking free in 2023.

The BOOK – Single Mum & 21st Century Peasant – Breaking out of Benefits Jail. – Single Mums Business Network [smbn]


  1. Making Peace with Benefits
  2. Flexible Working
  3. Multi-Level Marketing & Networking
  4. Ethical, Impactful Business
  5. Business in a Digital World – Setting up your shop window and Minimum Income Floor
  6. Business Departments and Transferable Skills
  7. Mindset and Gratitude
  8. Peer Pressure – Anti Growth
  9. Social Conditioning – Expectations Hurt Us
  10. Forgiving Ignorance and Walking Away
  11. University
  12. Support and Information
  13. Embracing Isolation & Loneliness
  14. Barriers
  15. Financial Education
  16. Responsible Finance
  17. Credit Scoring, Sharks, Fat Cats, Tax Evasion
  18. Social Impact Review 2019