A personal update

It has been four years since I started sharing my mind with you all, and I thank you for following with interest. The book that inspired this blog, is currently being narrated as an audio book, and, I am now offering to work with clients on a one to one basis as a confidante. So here is my updated introduction, and I look forward to speaking with you, if you would like a safe space to share your private matters in confidence. Jules x

I’m Jules

Director of KIH Products and Founder of the Single Mums Business Network.  Multi-Award-Winning Business Woman and Visionary.  Also co-organiser of Find Your Power Event 2021 and Author of Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit

Following years of depression and feeling lost as a human being, I began my healing journey in my mid thirties. I healed my own depression and completely turned my life around, to the point that I did not, and do not feel that I can be any happier. I have mastered professional, personal, sexual, financial and physical wellbeing. My wealth is in my perspective and gratitude.

I published Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit in 2016, to help others help themselves move forward in a positive way. It is a very light read which consists of ’20 tips to help you on your way’.

Here is a sample of the audio book:

You can order the digital book and the audio download here or, you can order the digital book, audio download, and in print copy here.


After years of training in counselling, alternative therapies, writing, healing, coaching, law and various other disciplines that enabled me to use them as a medium for working with clients on a one to one basis, I decided that the only label I was comfortable with was that of a confidante. A confidante is a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others.

I would recommend booking a consutation first so that we are both confident that we can work together for 12 months, but, if we have already met you are welcome to book the 12 month programme right away. This programme costs £520 for one year. This must be paid by direct debit at £10 per week. Once you have signed up to the programme we will arrange a monthly meeting for one hour per month, to concentrate on your physical, emotional, financial, professional and /or sexual wellbeing. We may cover all of these areas or it may be that there is just one area that you need support with for a 12 month transitional period. This programme is only available for a 12 month commitment. Anything shorter needs to be booked by using the hourly consultation rate.

Sign up here for the 12 month direct debit

You can book an initial 1-1 consultation with me here

Thank you again for supporting and following my blog. Jules