Who are you really angry with? It shouldn’t have to happen to you for it to matter to you. #RefugeeWeek

As an empath I am very sensitive to other people’s pain, I feel it, its chemistry, simply put I have synapses that put wifi to shame. I am equally sensitive to hostility, and keep my safe space to only feel it all in small doses. My desire for peace, and love, and humanity, is a selfish one, as I know it will impact us all and how we treat each other. Historically I always chose to work in very light-hearted roles in hospitality and customer facing roles whereby I could look after people and turn stress into laughter. But we have bigger issues at play, and we have a collective responsibility to step out of our comfortable bubbles and help those who were born into less fortunate lives.

I have been around long enough to hear the negative dialect around refugees and asylum seekers, but I have also been around long enough to understand that we are all one; we have so much greed, so much luxury, so much indulgence, and so much suffering. And so for Refugee Week I ask you to ask yourself, who are really angry with? I can answer it for you if it helps, you are angry with our treasury. Our treasury take money from everything we buy and everything we do in the promise that money will be properly distributed and we will be looked after, and then we see a shortage of healthcare, homes, work, disposable income, and we take it out on the most vulnerable people by name calling and being territorial over the Country we were born in because we feel mostly safe and we don’t want things to get worse. It is only fear that turns us into human beings that we wouldn’t want to meet in our hour of need. Fear for our own comfort, our own luxuries, our own retirement without difficulty or crime. The irony, crime is driven by fear too.

We are so far detached from problems that we only care about what directly affects us. We want our loved ones to be safe and healthy, we want to be safe and healthy. We actually need very little to feel secure. A secure home, enough money (or primitevly land) to know that we will not starve and can eat seasonal goodness, all else is abundance, because with home, food and love we have it all. So why then can we not help everybody have that.

We just need to find a way to work together to eliminate greed, so there is enough for everybody, no empty buildings, no tax evasion, no food waste, no excess wealth for those paid in abundance to manage the treasury and have more homes than necessary. We are angry at the wrong people. It is possible to help victims and direct your anger at the same time, just don’t confuse the two. It is not they who make life difficult. It’s the lack of management to trade skill for tax generating income within a reasonably short period of time. It is the lack of governance of profitting grossly from basic needs such as home. Much needs to change. Starting with us. Every man, woman and child should feel safe, and loved, and equal.

to be continued..