Why I am so proud that this event [Find Your Power] is accessible, and how asking for £6 instead of £60 can change a life..

There is no doubt, this event is worth the £60 price tag. Not only do delegates get access to 5 incredible speakers sharing years of combined experience and wisdom, they can choose to attend a number of workshops, from Yoga to Tantra and Bellydance, and they get to speak to a selection of handpicked incredible exhibitors, who are attending to provide a safe space for delegates to talk to them 1-1 throughout the day to learn more about the services they provide and how they can help them. Not only that, parking is free, and three rounds of coffee, tea, snacks, and buffet lunch are included! It is a deluxe day, designed not for profit, to simply serve love and light.

But of course, even with the value, I know that £60 is a lot of money for people to find, whilst much of society can buy a ticket to enjoy the day without thinking about it, many will be struggling to make ends meet, and whilst they would really benefit from a day like this, they may be locked out due to their own adversity, which is a double ended sword when you need help, and that is why I always offer, and promote, ACP (Accumulated Credit Payment).

There were so many occasions during my struggle that I desperately wanted to attend events like this, but when you need a counsellor, it’s often the case that you cannot afford one, as is the case with many other professional services. That is why ACP is so brilliant, it isn’t credit, it is simply enabling the client to pay in advance, via standing order or direct debit, so that they can look forward to receiving the goods or services in a matter of weeks. You can not devalue your product or service by offering discounts, and leaving yourself in financial difficulty, but you can make sure that people aren’t locked out because of lack of readily disposable income. I remember contacting the organiser of a similar event in 2014, asking for options for ways to pay. I was offered 10% discount, but that still wasn’t possible at that time, and I really needed the help, the advice, the company, the day out, but I was locked out. I will never be the perpetrator of isolating another human being due to financial restrictions, equally I will not charge more for it, nor devalue my product or service by charging less.

Of course the thing with ACP, is it does need to be paid in advance, so this option is only open for another month, to ensure a clear 10 weeks to pay before the event, but I know from personal experience, that signing up to pay £6 per week for 10 weeks, instead of finding £60, can give a lifeline, hope, something to look forward to, and will offer immediate psychological benefit. It’s time to ‘look forward’. Plan ahead. Allow yourself to think positive. If you set-up a DD as an xmas gift a ticket will be sent to the recipient on Christmas eve, or Christmas morning if you prefer. And to enable social distancing in the venue, tickets are limited but more may be released in the beginning of March. So please do not hesitate, if you want to come, or if you want somebody you care about to come – sign up here – and know that you have just taken the first step, to a much brighter future!