Julie is an intuitive spiritual empath and author and her purpose is to help others help themselves and ultimately help create a better society for all.

Julie is a serial-award-winning entrepreneur and uses her experiences to inspire others. As a single mum Julie set up and sustained her company, completed a law degree and is well read on neuroscience, NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and many other channels of understanding and using our cognitive behaviour to create a happier way of living.  With previous governed studies including counselling and holistic therapies Julie has a multitude of skills and abilities to share, along with a very normal 9-5 work history giving crucial insight.

In her early adult life Julie was challenged by adversity, self-harm, miscarriage, repossession, separation, divorce, depression, anxiety, abandonment, assault, imposter syndrome, alcohol misuse, post-traumatic stress amongst other things and could quite easily carry a number of labels but with complete acceptance of her personality style Julie has removed all labels and supports individuality and the need for a more versatile society.

The blogs on this site are to elaborate on sections of the book and are based on Julie’s ‘knowing’.  Better described as ‘If this rat could talk’ which was a possible title of the book based on the fact 1000 scientists could scientifically prove the effects of testing on rats by measuring physical changes and responses but if that rat could talk and describe the fear, the loneliness, the heartache and the longing for family, love and food the scientists would be horrified by the real damage suffered.

Julie is happy to have Skype debates on any of the matters contained within her book or on this blog.  Sharing love not hostility.

My book – Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit