From: Particle 6,700,980,2164

To: The Highest Order

Date: 17th May 2017


Dear H/O

I am sending this memo ahead of my return as I have now observed this planet for 40 years and I feel that the urgency of intervention is great, change cannot wait until our next meeting, please send help.

There are a number of issues that are creating chaos on Earth…  I will summarise below:

The people have separated the ownership of the land, and they are arguing and claiming territorial rights.  They are using technology to hurt each other.  Currency instead of being used as a medium for exchange of food and shelter is creating material matter excessive to the needs of humanity.  Because of their different shades of skin many see each other as threats.  Some see equality but many are still fighting for their place.

The planet although separated by water has created an economy with this currency and many humans are putting economic growth ahead of personal relationships and sufficient food and shelter.  They are concentrating importance on the inside of segregated properties.  Mother Nature is of little importance.  Where I am located in the Western Culture people are isolated and driven by currency over company.  People are depressed, lonely, left to fend for themselves and angry.  People are confused and hatred is rife.  There is an abundance of material matter that is not being put to good use.

The people have restricted themselves with rules that they have created, a small few took charge many years ago and this has resulted in lack of ability to follow the natural instinct and human ability.  They are governed by a book of rules that stemmed from a previous light worker, or laws (a set of rules by the ones who took charge) that have gotten way out of hand and people have lost many freedoms.  They are imprisoned for spending time with their young outside of governed hours.

The animals are being excessively bred and killed for meat, despite the abundance of food, people are eating for greed instead of survival, and they are killing their own for no need to survive.  Some of the lands eat dogs, some lambs, some kangaroos, some cats; they are all in grave danger.

Beings are changing their bodies, inserting plastic and toxic liquid as the people are confused about where they will find their inner peace, it is so chaotic and busy that people are using desperate measures to try and feel better.  They do not trust the power of love and peace, land and water.

Those who do feel the nature within them are being labelled as having disorders of some kind. The different strands of evolution are not understood here and the differences in the genetic make-up are not nurtured.  From a young age the institutions are trying to make everybody the same, all year round.   Those who are in tune with the need to hibernate in winter and thrive in the summer are labelled with Seasonal Affective ‘Disorder’.  Those with a busy brain are labelled with Attention Deficit ‘Disorder’; those who experience a normal menstrual cycle are told they have a premenstrual ‘Disorder’.   There are so many labels now I cannot list them all in this memo, but all of those who are ‘awake’ are being convinced they have a ‘disorder’, and this is leading them into an isolated depression, this world does not recognise their beauty, they are suffering, and to worsen things still this depression is called a ‘disorder’.

So much importance is based on material matter, currency, and economy, that people are taking their own lives if they struggle too much in these areas.

This is just a very brief summary; there are many issues and much detail to add….

Please implement divine intervention as a matter of urgency.   It is crucial that awareness of what really matters is streamed here, please do not demonstrate this  by more suffering, the people have had enough of that, they  just need clear vision so that the planet can heal and exist as it was intended.

Yours faithfully,

Particle 6,700,980,2164


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